Error Code 80048820


Error Code 80048820

Error Code 80048820

You could receive following error message whenever you make an effort to register for your Windows Messenger, "We were not able sign you to the Messenger at this time. Please try again later."

Error code: 80048820

Extended error code: 80048416

Mostly this error occurs when Microsoft Ie SSL settings on your pc aren't correct. You can even see this error when there is some downside to your Windows Live login ID OR Time and date settings on your pc aren't set correctly. If you have downside to Microsoft Internet Explorer SSL settings, perform following steps to rectify it.

a) Open your online Browser (Web browser).

b) On the menu bar Click TOOLS then Select Internet Options.

c) Head to Advanced tab.

d) Move towards Security section.

e) Remove the Look for Server Certificate revocation check box.

f) Click OK

g) Exit from online Options dialog box.

h) Now close and Restart Internet browser (Web browser) to allow settings.

i) Login Now

In some cases we're attempting to Login using an Incorrect Windows Live ID. To ensure that you are using Correct ID to Register; you need to contact Windows live support. If you fail to successfully login, it means that you're utilizing an incorrect ID. In this case you must write to Windows Live Support to seek further assistance. Cruising to check is Date and Time settings of the computer. Generally Windows Messenger Sign in problem occurs as a result of incorrect Starting time and date settings.

To fix Data & Time Issue, Double go through the computer clock and hang the data & time correctly.

Error Code 80048820

Computer errors could also occur when Your computer windows registry is accumulated with errors or there's serious infection from the malicious program. In order to prevent and fix Registry problems, you need to scan and wash it on consistent basis.